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Mochikuma Dove Hugging Cushion

Little Wagons Handmade

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Mochikuma Dove Hugging Cushion
Mochikuma Dove Hugging Cushion
Mochikuma Dove Hugging Cushion

Let us introduce you to the new members of our family!! MOCHIKUMA is our smushiest, softest, laziest bear ever!!! In a beautiful soft peach pink she will also gently blend in to any room. 

She loves to sleep, take naps and have day long cuddles with his friends. In fact, we think her sleepiness is contagious - as soon as we get her in our arms all we want to do is lay down for a snuggle and get cozy! 

So, get ready for your new favourite cuddle buddy and some very lazy afternoons! 

Dimensions Large - 65 x 35cm 
Dimensions Medium - 55 x 25cm 
Dimensions Small - 40 x 18cm 

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