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Once Upon a time………(About Us)



Behind the design

Little Wagon's design process begins with our fabric. We use fabric that is ethically produced, soft and breathable. Then we visualise the design that will bring the fabric to life. When it comes to the style we chose, comfort is first and foremost on our minds. If your child is comfortable, they're happy, if they're happy they're confident. At Little Wagon's we work with Certified Organic Cotton, we think carefully when choosing every component from thread and fabric to buttons and labels which where at all possible are organic, recycled and sustainable. Our labels are made from Vegan Leather.


Our products are designed to last. Offering you clothing that is suitable all year round with the option to layer up for winter and down for summer. You are not just investing in a piece that will last one season but all year round. Due to our innovative designs some items will grow with your child and last years dress may very well become this years tunic or t-shirt.


About me

I was fortunate to have parents that exposed me to all sorts of business from an early age. I am now a mother of four beautiful girls who are my muses. Their personalities reflect in my designs and the fabrics I choose, sometimes bold, sometimes quirky, always fun, always beautiful. I have always been aware of the effect of colour on my mood. My mother would put me in blue to bring out my eyes, but I never felt like myself unless wearing cerise pink.

My desire is to create clothing that reflects the beauty of each child, practical and hard wearing and still delicate and pretty. There is nothing I enjoy more than to see one of my princesses descending from a tree mucked up to the eyeballs, spots me coming, rubs down their knees, replaces the dress to the appropriate location on her body and gives me a toothy or toothless smile, depending on which child, to protest her innocence. As a woman who has yet to grow up I thoroughly love to see my girls going on adventures dressed to kill regardless of the practicality of it. Their mother is more likely to be seen walking into the sea intending to go for a swim in a pair of high heels and an evening gown than anything remotely close to appropriate to the task at hand. I find satisfaction in knowing that my clothing enables the wearer to be fearless and fabulous concurrently.

My Dad

My Dad saw opportunity in everything, he was an eternal optimist that saw a way around all obstacles, he exhausted all options and always succeeded. He had an unwavering appetite for knowledge and was so forward thinking I’m not sure his body ever could have caught up with his mind. His feet were only a size 5 but no one could fill his shoes and although he may have only stood 5 feet 5 inches he was one of the most imposing men you could ever meet. His business ventures included wholesale electrical, plastics, doors, soft toys, safety shoes, newsagents, silicone implants and a hotel. I’ve probably forgotten something, but it’ll come to me.

My Mum

My Mum’s background is in retail starting her career in Arnotts in her teens working her way through all departments only leaving to have her children. She opened a Ladies and Children’s Clothing Boutique when I was 6 which was my first exposure to the fashion industry. Some of the brands she stocked were Pepe Jeans, Wrangler, Toni, Alphabet, Absorba, Mini-man, Mayoral, Pamolina but of all the brands I lost my heart to Oilily. I was brought to trade fairs, I hid between the rails as my Mum chose the garments for the next season and marvelled at the glamour of it, the glee I felt at knowing what everyone else would be wearing months before they did. The feel of the fabric, the sheer volume of choice. I was immersed in it, imagining what I would pick if the choice were mine. Some children dream of Willy Wonka’s Factory, I grew up in mine surrounded by fabric. And so began a lifetime love affair with bold print, captivating colour, amazing texture and dazzling detail.


The Name

As for the name, my Mum, when referring to me after getting up to my usual antics would call me “You little wagon” a term I chose to take as that of endearment. I myself now have four “Little Wagons” and have changed my mind as to just how endearing my Mum intended it to be. I hope you can appreciate the love that goes into every part of the creating process here and I hope I can share a little bit of the joy I get from dressing my children in beautiful things in the clothes I make for you. My wish is that the Little Wagon's Collection allows your warrior princess to be adventurous and be amazing and most importantly be herself. Life is for living, loving and laughing!



My Beautiful Little Wagons